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We’ve talked about choosing a domain name for your business or online presence many times in the past.

As long as you avoid “silly” mistakes then the choice should be entirely yours. If you want to build your business around a particular domain name extension because it fits you, then you should be able to make that choice.

Of course if we really want to offer you the chance to choose the “right” domain name, then we need to make sure that we offer a wide variety of domain extensions for you to choose from.

Our technical team have been working away behind the scenes to do just that – increase the choices for you. Over the past few weeks we’ve added several new domain extensions that you can register directly via our site.

We’re now offering nearly 400 domain extensions between country code top level domains (think .ie or .fr) and generic top level domains (think .com or .global)

Some of the domain extensions we’ve added in the recent past are, in my opinion, really cool:

  • .irish (we’ve been talking about that one a LOT!)
  • .love
  • .christmas – I know it’s only July, but if you do any serious Christmas season marketing then you probably have already started planning it already ..
  • .blackfriday – again, I know it’s only July, but if you plan on doing anything for this e-commerce “event” you might want to think about it now. Sure, Black Friday was traditionally more of a US thing, but it’s getting quite a bit of traction on this side of the Atlantic
  • .site – a wonderfully generic domain name. You can use it for pretty much anything you want
  • .cafe – the name says it all.
  • .sexy
  • .tattoo
  • .scot – the name says it all – if you’re Scottish or are offering products or services into the Scottish market then this is the domain for you
  • .gal – for Galicia
  • .eus – for the Basque country
  • .pics there are several domain extensions related to photos and photography “pics” is pretty easy to understand
  • .photo
  • .hosting – we really like both .host and .hosting for obvious reasons (and have been using them in our online and offline marketing)
  • .help – if you offer advice or “help” then this might be a good one to use.
  • .hiphop
  • .diet – a massive market in itself, health and fitness related sites are more and more popular
  • .guitars
  • .gift
  • .tennis
  • .style
  • .fit
  • .poker
  • .fashion
  • .green
  • .wedding – Rachelle wrote about this one recently

And the above are just a selection of some of the domain extensions we’ve added over the last while..

We’ve also been tweaking and improving our domain search system so that we can find you better domain names faster. Some of the new features are already live on our site, but we’ll be adding more in the coming days and weeks 🙂

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