Merry Christmas

We don’t do traditional cards very well here.

(Well that’s not entirely true.. we do send out a few, but not that many.)

Let’s face it, while the “thought” may “count” you can end up finishing Christmas week with a load of Christmas cards from people you barely know and while it’s a nice idea it’s probably not all that memorable. (At least that’s my rather cynical take on it all .. )

So what about doing something at Christmas that would really have some kind of impact on our clients?

So here’s what we’ve done.

If you order a one year .ie domain registration or transfer and use the promotion code “chrimbo” (lowercase, no caps or spacing) you will be able to walk away with a .ie domain for a mere €2.99 ex-VAT (or transfer an existing .ie domain from somewhere else)

There are a couple of limits to the offer:

  • The offer is only applicable to the first 99 orders with the coupon code
  • The offer will expire on December 23rd 2009 when the IEDR close for Christmas whether we’ve received 99 orders or not
  • The offer only applies to 1 year domain registrations OR transfers ie. you cannot use it to register a domain for 2 years
  • No we won’t apply the discount if you haven’t used the code, so please don’t ask.

UPDATE: This offer is now over – it was completely sold out


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