Seattle skyline at dusk

Paul and I will be attending the Odin Summit in Seattle next week.

Odin is the new brand name for Parallels, which is the software platform we use to run most of our hosting operations.

The event, which is held every year usually in a different location, is a good opportunity for us to get time with senior staff on the Odin side. We can get insights into where they’re planning to take their products, while we can give them feedback based on our usage of the software and channel the input (both positive and negative) we get from our customers.

There’ll be quite a few vendors attending the event and our “dance card” is already filling out. However, if you plan to attend and want to meet up with us let us know 🙂

Personally I’m looking forward to seeing a new city in the US – so many events seem to be in DC, LA or Vegas that getting to Seattle is a nice change!



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