.ME has announced a major milestone for the ccTLD – they have reached 1 million total registrations – and reached the target at the end of 2020.

This domain is the official country-code domain of Montenegro, and it was launched to consumers, and registrations opened up to anyone in 2008. It has proven popular because it’s easy to remember and is a basic word in the English language. It actually reached the 1 million milestone before in 2016 but fell off again to recover in 2020 – mostly thanks to the surge in domain registrations globally due to COVID-19.

This domain is one of the most popular that Blacknight offers, and if you don’t have a .ME domain – here are few reasons to consider registering one.

  1. It’s Personal – As a basic word in the English language and many other languages as well, a domain with ‘me’ in it has found thousands of innovating and fascinating uses. It’s even popular with people looking for a personal domain for their emails, website, and CV/resumes/portfolios.
  2. It’s Affordable – It’s cheaper to register than a .COM domain – currently Blacknight offers .ME for €2.99 ex-vat for the first year (and €14.49 thereafter).
  3. It Has Availability – With a register base of only 1 million domains, compared to the 150 million or so .COM domains – there are still tons of great keywords and combinations available for you to register.
  4. It’s recognised and trusted – .ME has been around since 2008, and it’s a widely recognised domain with consumers; they won’t see it as unusual to have one or for a business to be using it in their marketing.
  5. Good for SEO – .ME is not a ‘new’ generic TLD – it’s a ccTLD – some ccTLD’s have been known to have more trust and authority in Google search results (though as with all things SEO-related, there is never a guarantee of this!).

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your search for the perfect .ME domain name here or in the handy search box below.

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