We’ve been experimenting a little in-house with different imagery and concepts to market some specific domain name extensions.

As an Irish company whose offices are literally surrounded by fields (well not entirely surrounded by fields, but I can see horses from my office window) the .farm TLD is an obvious domain extension for us to focus some of our energy on.

Ireland’s agriculture and agribusiness sectors are an integral part of the Irish economy and Irish farmers are leveraging technology in their businesses.

So what have we come up with so far?

First off there’s the TLD’s lander page:


I guess that doesn’t really need much by way of explanation ..

We’ve also got a few other images that we’ve been using that play around with some of the aspects and images associated with the sector.

The first one is a fairly obvious play on the the concept of being “outstanding in his field”:

Photo of man holding an iPad standing in a field with slogan "they said he was outstanding in his field. No he was out blogging with .farm from Blacknight"

Most English speakers are familiar with the nursery rhyme “Old MacDonald” so we’ve simply updated it a bit a new generation:
.farm tld image - "Old MacDonald"

Business, be it agribusiness or any other kind of business, is global when you take your business online, which is the sort of concept we were pushing with this one:

Putting the dot in .farm - image of world with farm related images

Personally I really like this image of the cow. We’ve done a couple of different versions with different slogans. This first one wasn’t one we were planning to use, but the feedback we got was mostly positive so we changed our minds


.farm cow image -"with .farm you know where you can stick it!"

A slightly different slogan for the cow image

.farm image of cow with slogan "Make posts while the sun shines with a .farm from Blacknight"

Do you like these or hate them?

What other kinds of imagery would you suggest?

Let us know via the comments

(You can of course register .farm domain names with us now 🙂  )

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