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Windows Hosting Special Offer

The last few weeks have seen a lot of activity chez Blacknight, so we may have forgotten to tell you all about some of our new additions, such as our latest special offer We’re currently running a special offer on Windows server 2003 based hosting Up until now we’ve been offering Linux hosting and Windows […]

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Podcasting Channel Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new podcasting channel on ENN in association with PodLeaders. Tom Raftery, who has built up a reputation as one of Ireland’s foremost podcasters, has been running a series of high profile interviews on for the last few months. Past interviewees have included Vint Cerf, Marc […]

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Speed Test Moved to New Network

We have just migrated our speed test site to our new network which peers at INEX, the Irish Internet Neutral Exchange. The site allows Irish internet users check their download, upload and roundtrip speeds for free, while also allowing them to track up to ten previous tests. The new connectivity means that the site is […]

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