Marketing and promoting domain names can be a bit of a challenge.

How do you get people “excited” about a domain name?

How can you get people to “engage” with your company via social media?

How can you convert any of that excitement and engagement into actual sales?

I’m not 100% sure we have the answers to any of those questions, but we have been trying our best to have as much fun as possible with our marketing around domain names over the last couple of years.

(This is also due in no little part to having a fantastic team of talented and passionate people)

One of the domain extensions that caught our attention when it was first announced was .ninja. The term “ninja” resonates with several of us and it also lends itself to some fun and rather silly marketing. Over the past while we’ve been trying out different marketing messages for the .ninja domain extension.

The first one was quite subtle:


But sometimes subtle is a little .. well .. subtle and that doesn’t always work too well ie. it might be a bit too clever or maybe we’re overthinking things a bit ..

So we came up with a few other concepts that we’ve been sharing via various social media accounts


Of course we have the domain, but we’d registered it some time ago and it wasn’t pointing anywhere useful .. it is now thankfully!

(Tip: check that the domains, links etc., you use in copy work)


Building on that theme you end up with this:


Personally I don’t like putting pricing information on graphics. Promotions are usually limited to a set period of time, but an image can take on a new life once you put it “out there”. I’ve seen images we’ve posted on various sites being linked to or re-shared weeks if not months later. But sometimes having the pricing information helps to drive home the message:


We’ve experimented with a few “tongue in cheek” images in the past with varied reactions. This one we put out for .ninja was well received:


But it’s all about fun ..


Another extension we’re trying to push at the moment is .space

The term “space” has multiple meanings, so our design team came up with a variety of images that reflected potential use cases and scenarios ie. building on what the concept of “space” could mean to a number of different audiences.

Again, the brief with this was to be playful:

bert-looks-up-no-pricing.jpg office-space.jpg outer-space-2-no-pricing.jpg

There’s a bit of overlap between the images we used for .space and .science, but we still had some fairly original concepts to use!

This is one of my favourites:


I love movie posters, so this style of image makes me think of some of the old horror movies from the 1950s. Sure the films themselves were horribly bad, but the artwork was fun 🙂

You can find more here


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