Hatching your next great idea

Yesterday we started the first of our week of competitions – ( The competitions may only be for 5 days 🙂 )

The question we asked was “Where do we recommend you get great images for your website ”

…and the first winner is …

Eugene from Galway. They’ve been notified via email.

The correct answer of course was Fotolia and a small pack of bits and bobs should be on its way to you. (Table not included)

Why Fotolia? Well we’ve partnered with Fotolia to give you a super discount on stock images.


Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for more chances to win this week.

The post title is “Hatching a great idea” you’re probably asking what all that is about.

Well great might be taking things a bit far but we had a lot of fun with ‘Bert the Dragon’ this year. Why a dragon? Well as you may or may not know it’s the Chinese year of the dragon and we wanted to come up with an idea we could run with. As always I’ll begin my search on a stock image site. I want to be certain that we have the rights to the images we’re using on our site. ( No you can’t just link to images on other sites or download their images unless they actually give permission. You may find images that require attribution – linking back to their site and you may come across others that are free to use. Just be careful and be sure you’re allowed to use the images.).

Fotolia however is one of these stock imagery sites where you can buy the rights to images. From around €1.30 a credit you can get all the images you need for your website. I feel that having a nice image or two on a blog post really adds to things. Content is key but as they say an image does paint a thousand words so putting a catchy title onto the image and some custom branding you’ve suddenly got something that’s recognisible as you or your brand. We tend to try and inject a bit of humour into our posts as well hopefully we stand out a bit more from the competition as a result.

Year Of The Dragon

We even ended up naming the Dragon Bert and we’ve run with him as the theme for the year. Cost? about €20 – €30 give or take. Of course there are 1,000s of images on Fotolia so your imagination is your only limitation as to what you can get and do.

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