Update: all the webinars in this series are recorded and available to view. Click here or scroll down.

When Covid-19 struck, we found that customers had lots of questions. Luckily we provide simple answers to many of the more technical questions, such as ‘how can I get a website up quickly?’ ‘How can I build an online store?’ ‘How can I work securely from home?’

But it didn’t take us long to realise that businesses need more than just solutions. They need to understand their options. They need education and training.

So we put together a series of free webinars which ran in June and July. Titled Bricks & Clicks, these are designed as an introductory course of short sessions to get SMEs up to speed on their online options.

Those webinars are still there, recorded and available to all for free. And now we’re ready to help companies take the next step.

Our new series of webinars is called Go Global with .ME. It’s focussed on Branding and Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), shipping and delivery and building up your online business. It’s a collaboration with some of our partners, including the .ME registry, and its message is simple: the world is your oyster.

We’re not saying you should jump straight to exporting if you’re not yet ready to do that. But the online world is full of opportunities to learn from international best practice. And we know that Irish companies can compete with the best in the world.

It’s already happening. The Tipping-Point Report, published this month by IE Domain Registry, shows that consumers plan to continue shopping online, even when the pandemic is in the past. And for the first time ever, the major share of Irish online spending is going to Irish companies.

Go Global with .ME is a series of free webinars aimed at encouraging online entrepreneurship.

  • Brand is Your Promise to Your Customer (30 September)
    • How .ME created a comprehensive message and a personal connection with their business partners and users
    • How communicating and living up to your values is the basis of your brand image
    • How to translate your values into your brand image
  • Using Blacknight shopBuilder to Sell on Facebook & Instagram (7 October)
    Blacknight shopBuilder is designed to turn any website into an ecommerce store. But you don’t have to stop there. shopBuilder integrates with Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping and other platforms are available with third party apps. This webinar offers a practical demonstration on how to set it all up.
  • How to Reach the First Pages of Google (14 October)
    Why is simply just having a website not enough for a small business to be successful online? Nowadays the whole world is online, and your presence and image is more important than ever. In this webinar we will introduce the topic of SEO and how to take the right small steps to be found online. Presented by rankingCoach
  • How to Manage Shipping, Delivery & Collection with Blacknight shopBuilder (21 October)
    It’s not just about selling. Order fulfilment is the key to customer satisfaction, repeat business and word-of-mouth reputation. The secret is to plan for success, pick partners you can rely on, and manage customer expectations. We’ll show you how with Blacknight shopBuilder.
  • Social media 101 for SMEs (28 October)
    An overview of social media for SMEs. Why bother with social media? Which platforms to use? Why it doesn’t count as a website. What the goals should be. Controlling time and costs.


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