Give Your Online Advertising A Boost

Everyone loves getting stuff for free, so I’m always happy when I can offer our clients little “extras”.

We’re now offering clients free online advertising credit via Google Adwords.

In order to avail of the offer you need two things:

  1. An annual hosting plan (Minimus / Medius / Maximus)
  2. A Google Adwords account that is less than 14 days old

More information on this offer is available on our site here

If you’re with a competing hosting provider, then why not make the switch over to Blacknight now?

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2 Responses to Give Your Online Advertising A Boost

  1. Allan cavanagh October 21, 2008 at 14:49 #

    Hi Michele, I’m not quite clear, does this apply to existing customers or just new ones?

  2. Michele Neylon October 21, 2008 at 15:03 #

    It applies to anyone who fits the two criteria:
    1 – annual hosting account (Minimus / Medius or Maximus only)
    2 – Adwords account which is 14 days old or less (ie. you could signup for an Adwords account next week and you’d qualify)