Earlier this week the .online domain name went live. It’s now available to register by anyone anywhere.

So far the .online domain names have been very popular with over 40 thousand domains registered in the first couple of days! Put that in perspective, there are only just over 200 thousand .ie domain names in total – and it took them way longer than a week to get there!

The term “online” is pretty self-explanatory and appears on thousands of websites already, so registering a domain name for something with such a “generic” web address makes sense.


Here are a few reasons why .online domain names resonate so well:

  • Easy and Intuitive – Resonates with why you buy a domain name – ‘to get online’
    Can there be a better address for a brand online than ?
  • Brandable & Adaptable – .online is universal, versatile and can be used for anything
    under the sun. From businesses, portfolios, ecommerce stores, blogs to lolcats, everyone
    is ‘online’
  • Millions already use ‘online’ – 1million+ existing domains have the term ‘online’. People
    are already familiar with the term and use it as a filler when registering domains
  • Simple, easy, short names, with a domain ending that makes sense
  • Get a catchy, high recall name – a name your visitors can’t forget!
  • Understood in 24+ languages – No matter which part of the world you and your
    clients are from, .online is understood across the globe

So what are you waiting for?

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