I love a challenge. When Blacknight introduced our siteBuilder DIY website product a few years ago, I went around the country showing people how to use it. Website creation as a spectator sport. Starting with nothing, we would register a domain name, and get to work putting a simple site together with a couple of pages. In the few minutes it would take me to add some text and pictures, the newly-registered domain name would be quietly propagating through the global Domain Name System.

The big moment came when I would ask people to check their phones to see if the site was live. It felt like being a magician: check your pockets please – is this your website? Of course it looked just as good on the phones as on the PC: siteBuilder is fully responsive.

Businesses need eCommerce – They Need it Now

That was then. This is a new world and it’s no longer enough to have a brochure website inviting people to come and walk around your shop. SMEs tell us they need to be able to list their inventory, take orders and payments and arrange collection or delivery. They need eCommerce, and they need it now.

Introducing Blacknight shopBuilder. It’s fresh out of the box and I’m still playing with it – but tomorrow I’m going to take the show on the road again – virtually of course. Our friends at County Carlow Chamber are running a series of online webinars to help business tackle the coronavirus crisis. This Thursday at 2pm, I’ll build an eCommerce store in front of a live audience. Am I nervous? Of course I am. Would you like to see that? Click here to register!

Did you know that the Local Enterprise Offices’ Trading Online Vouchers scheme (TOV) has been enhanced to provide 90% of the cost of developing eCommerce?

Flashback – 2019


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