We’ve been promoting domain names for years. Choosing a good domain name for your business or personal site is something we’ve always encouraged are clients to do. But when it comes to the “new” domain extensions we’ve found that some resonate better with people than others. One of those extensions is .club and they’re now two years old.

What makes .club different?

Why is .club a success?

They’ve released a new video that highlights some of the people, groups and businesses that have chosen to use .club domain names and those choices speak louder than anything else:

There are plenty of “clubs” online already using .club as their address. As a coffee drinker one of my personal favourites is – I just wish they shipped to Ireland!

So instead of using “club” in your domain name, why not switch to a .club domain name? There’s still plenty of good ones to choose from 🙂


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