Make your mark in the technology community with .TECH.

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and you need to make sure your online business is evolving with it. Registering a .TECH domain puts your website at the forefront of the industry. Not only that but it’s so diverse that it can be used for developers, events, influencers, start-ups and more. Product launches are made easy with this domain as a .TECH website can be separate from your main one.

Top 5 reasons to register .TECH:

  1. It’s SEO friendly (Google boosts your website to people that put “tech” into the search bar)
  2. It’s short and sweet
  3. It aids recall and recognition
  4. It’s a convenient alternative to generic .COM or .IE domains
  5. It helps you stand out by having a creative domain name

Getting a custom .TECH domain adds an element of branding to your website, which can be further elevated with a professional email address. Any contact made with customers through email should be done with an address that can’t be easily impersonated. Anyone with a Gmail or Yahoo account can create an email that looks like your business, but they’ll be under the format of With a .TECH domain, you can prove your credibility with an email address like or These kinds of emails are more difficult to impersonate and your customers feel more safe as a result.

If you register a .TECH domain and email address, you’re well on your way to communicating with customers in a professional way that people trust. However, if you want to start selling to customers worldwide, you might want to get a website. Just choose the plan that suits you and start selling in no time.

Have a look at, and for inspiration, and see how these businesses used their .TECH domain to their advantage.

Can’t think of your own?

The following domains are available today for you to take:


So, try one of the domain names above, or see if is available below.

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