Dell delivery photo showing lots of Dell boxes
One of things that I have a love / hate relationship are servers. For the MD of a hosting company that’s probably an odd thing to say.
I love the fact that we have so many.
I don’t love the fact that they cost so much – the numbers involved get a bit silly when you buy as many as we do!
We get a lot of our hardware from Dell.
At the moment we are working on a project which needs quite a bit of hardware, so we’re currently taking delivery from Dell by the van load.
We got a van load of servers today, so at lunchtime Paul Kelly, our CTO, took this photo of some of the boxes stacked up in our warehouse (that’s another day’s story!)
For the geekier types – you can probably work out that a lot of the smaller boxes are rail kits, while the bigger boxes are for rack mountable servers.
The photo was taken with a Nokia N95 if you are interested 🙂

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