In the next couple of weeks things are going to change dramatically for .ie registrants. Starting in the next week or so the IEDR’s process for handling .ie domain transfers between registrars will be changing.

Yes – the dreaded faxes will be no more and IEDR are moving to an “authcode” system in line with that used by most other domain extensions.

You’ll still need to provide signed documentation when you want to register a .ie domain name and for a number of other actions related to the management of your .ie domain(s), but if you want to switch registrar it should be a lot easier.

Of course there are caveats with this.

The authcode will be sent to the admin contact’s email address. If your email address is not current then you will not be able to get the authcode until you update it.

We hope to have the authcodes integrated fully both in our control panel and our order forms within the next week or so, but we suspect that the changes are going to take a few weeks to be fully supported by all .ie registrars.

If you want to switch your .ie domain names from another provider it’ll be easier than before and that’s a win in our book!

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