The Great Blacknight Big Domain Sale has begun!

It’s Here! The Big Blacknight January Sale is On!

Happy New Year! It’s 2019 and Blacknight is boosting business with these great new year offers on domain names and hosting!

First, we’ve slashed the price on our most popular domain extensions: .IE and .COM! Both are reduced to just €4.99*!

(Not enough? You can have them FOR FREE**, if you bundle them with a year’s web hosting or BaseKit siteBuilder!)

Next, we’ve cut the price on .EU domain names to ONLY €1.99!!! We think 2019 is a great year to highlight EUr European connection, to 500 million Europeans in 27 countries!

(and yes – .EU is also free** with web hosting or BaseKit!)

Third, .BLOG domain names are now an incredible €4.99*!

.XYZ domains are also only €1.99*!

Want more? Check out these great offers on specialised domain names!

€3.49*: .agency, .life, .rocks, .services, .today

€6.99*: .bargains, .bike, .boutique, .cash, .chat, .coffee, .credit, .dance, .directory, .express, .gold, .group, .guru, .ltd, .ninja, .photography, .properties, .shopping, .singles, .solutions, .systems, .technology, .tools

€9.75*: .capital

€9.99*: .accountants, .energy, .engineer, .exchange, .family, .farm, .house, .media, .news, .social, .studio, .tax, .tips

It starts with a good domain name: that’s the first step! After that, the sky’s the limit! Why not check out our other services, including hosting, email, Office 365, dedicated servers and security?

* Prices listed are exclusive of VAT. Discount price applies to the first year registration of a new domain name. Normal price will apply at renewal after the first year.

** Bundles Offer applies to new domain names or transfers of existing domain names from another registrar. Only one free domain per hosting/BaseKit subscription. Domain names will renew at the normal price after the first year.

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