.EU domain names are great value right now at €4.99* (or free!). If your business is bigger than borders – or it aspires to be – then .EU is for You! But the top-level domain for Europe also includes a guarantee of trust and quality that makes it an excellent choice for businesses and organisations.

.EU is the official domain for Europe. It stands for European identity and membership of a community. On the Internet, you can choose from hundreds of domain registries, it’s not a question of having to stick with the default, based on where you live or what you do. So your choice of domain name gives you an opportunity to make a statement about how you see yourself, and whom you align with.

Community and Trust

Choosing a .EU domain name means that you identify with 500 million Europeans in 27 countries.

It also means that you have chosen a domain name which engenders trust in the community. For the .EU registry, the focal points of trust are transparency and accountability. For this purpose, they want to ensure that the person behind a domain name is both known and real, and that abusive domain name practices are stopped in their tracks before causing harm to others.

Like Blacknight, EURid is certified to the ISO 27001 standard for information security management – and that’s just for starters. Their efforts also include practical partnerships with EU institutions like EUIPO and Europol.

EURid collaborates with Europol to exchange statistical data and trends pertaining to cybercrime and they share a commitment to cooperate on cybercrime related projects.

EUIPO is the European Union Intellectual Property Office responsible for managing the EU trade mark and the registered Community design. It also works with the IP offices of the EU Member States. EURid works with EUIPO to notify trademark holders when someone registers a .EU domain name that is identical to the trademark.

They also use historical data and self-learning algorithms to try and predict at the time of registration whether or not a domain name might be used in an abusive way. In this way, they try to prevent such malicious domain names from becoming active in the first place. Their WHOIS Quality system has been designed to validate the eligibility of registrant data in an effort to uproot unfaithful registrations that could possibly be abusive.

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Vote of Confidence

As a result of these activities, 36,336 .EU domain names were suspended in the first half of 2018 as part of a ramp-up in the registry’s anti-abuse efforts.

The .EU registry also gets a vote of confidence from many cyber-security practitioners when it comes to their own domain names. The Spring 2018 edition of .EU Illustrated includes testimonials from a selection of finance, encryption and security companies who have chosen .EU domain names.

Blacknight is the market leader in Ireland for .EU domain names: in July we handled 43.8% of all new .EU domain registrations in Ireland. We share their commitment to security and we offer Registry Lock services for a number of our most popular top-level domains, including .EU.

We’ve also added .EU domain names to our free domain bundle package. Want a .EU domain name? You can have it free for the first year, if you buy a 12 or 36-month web hosting or BaseKit siteBuilder plan together with it*!

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