Let’s be clear about this: we’re not going to pay you to blog. Well not exactly. But we feel so strongly about the benefits of blogging that if you register a .BLOG domain name right now, AND buy a 12-month hosting or BaseKit plan, we’ll give you back €15*.

What’s more, we’ll give you another €15* next year if you renew both the domain and the hosting plan, and so on each year (terms & conditions apply – see *)

Are we nuts? That’s a different question entirely, but let me explain.

We know that blogging has benefits: otherwise we wouldn’t do it ourselves. Blogging is good for business, for professional and personal development, for good causes and for communities. Blogging is journalism and politics. It’s advocacy and it’s inspiration.

But you have to put some work into it. And while we’ve recently made the point that owning a domain of your own is #TheFirstStep to online independence, it’s important to take a second step, and a third, and so on.

A .BLOG domain name gets straight to the point. Right now you can register a .BLOG domain name for €24.99*, let it sit there and do nothing. But that’s not blogging, is it?

To bring your .BLOG to life, just add hosting! Choose from one of our Linux or Windows web hosting packages (add the world-famous WordPress content management system for free) – or try our easy-to-use siteBuilder.

Once you’ve chosen your .BLOG domain name and associated it with a hosting plan, you’ll see a €15* discount applied in your online shopping cart.

Here is the best bit! Next year, when your .BLOG name is due for renewal, just make sure that your hosting plan is also renewed, and we’ll give you another €15* to encourage you to keep those blog posts flowing! And so on, every year, for as long as you keep the domain and hosting with Blacknight!

Bundle your .BLOG domain name with a hosting plan and Blacknight will give you back €15* every year! Seriously!

So, OK. We’re not actually paying you to blog. But it’s a little like that, isn’t it?

What’s in it for us? Lots of lovely healthy busy dot-BLOG sites, spreading the word and making the world a bloggier place.

What’s in it for you? Well, why don’t you show us!

* All prices exclude VAT. If VAT is included at 23%, the discount amounts to €18.45. The offer applies to new .BLOG domain names only. Only one free domain per hosting/siteBuilder subscription. Offer ceases to be valid if the domain is transferred to another registrar, or the hosting to another hosting company.

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