In partnership with our friends at EURid, we are running a special limited-time promotion on .EU domain names – we’re offering a 10-year registration from November 10th for just €20 ex VAT. We’re very excited to be participating in this promotion!

This means that if you need a new .EU domain, then you can get it for 10 years for just €20 and then not have to worry about renewal until 2031! That’s the FUTURE!

This offer does not apply to existing .EU domain renewals or for .EU transfers from other registrars – it is only for NEW domains. It costs 6.95 normally to register a new .EU domain – so this is a huge savings by locking it in for 10 years. Act fast – this promotion ENDS NOVEMBER 19TH!


Here are five quick reasons to consider registering a .EU domain:

  • It’s local – .EU is firmly Europe’s domain name and says you’re ready to do business in one of the biggest markets in the world.
  • It’s flexible – It’s available in all 24 official EU languages – so you don’t need to just be an English-speaking business.
  • Affordable – With a low cost of registration (even when there’s not a promo like this going on), registering a .EU is an affordable way to access the EU market.
  • Gateway to the massive EU market – The European Union has a population of over 400 million people – more than the USA – there’s huge opportunity here, and a .EU domain name says you’re serious about it.
  • Trusted – Those who use .EU domains are trusted in the EU because anyone using a .EU domain must be verified as having a connection to a .EU country.

Ready to register your new .EU domain for 10 years?

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