Here at Blacknight, we were delighted to have an opportunity to sponsor WordCamp Dublin last month. So many of our customers (and staff) use WordPress, and over the years, we’ve seen WordPress go from a small open-source blogging project, into a platform for business, an ecosystem for developers and a global community of empowered users.

Surprisingly, there hadn’t been a WordCamp in the Republic of Ireland in seven years, so it was not surprising that the event in DCU was so well attended and engaging. The organisers had a helping hand from the people who organised WordCamp Belfast last year, and we interviewed them on the Blacknight Podcast last month.

Now they’ve announced that the full programme of talks from WordCamp Dublin is available to view online. There are 28 talks in total, so they’ve advised that you should check out the event schedule for more details on each speaker, to help you decide what to watch.

We asked the Blacknight staff who were at WordCamp for their recommendations:

Manoj Chawla presented ‘The Dummies Guide To Building a WordPress Website Quickly‘.

Luminus Olumide Alabi presented ‘WooCommerce for Fun & Profit – How to get started and maximize your bottom line‘.

Juan Felipe Rincón’s talk was titled ‘Managing your online presence on Google Search‘.

Kayleigh Thorpe gave a talk on Image Optimisation, titled ‘Making Kitten GIF Galleries Fabulous‘.

As well as the videos, slides are available for many of the presentations.

WordCamp Dublin’s organisers report that the momentum from the event is giving rise to spin-offs and other events. In fact, there’s a Dublin WordPress meetup on this very evening – and there are plans for a Christmas Party on 7 December. Galway’s WordPress community is getting together on a weekly basis (catch them tomorrow night), and the next Belfast meetup is on 6 December.

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