Blacknight celebrates Seachtain na GaeilgeConn posted earlier today about a couple of things – if you don’t understand his post Google translate works pretty well 🙂

As we announced a couple of weeks ago we’re promoting domains and other services in the Irish language.


Why not? We’re an Irish company. We’re based in Ireland so it’s only natural that we’d retain a degree of national pride and would want to highlight part of our cultural heritage, namely the Irish language.

So Conn and I have been working with our domain registry partners to Irish-ify some of their promotional videos.

So far we’ve done videos for .co., .com,, .net and .biz and we plan to give .me the same treatment in the coming weeks.

Here’s the three videos:






.com & .net


Keep an eye out for other videos in Irish and Happy St Patrick’s Day! 🙂


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