There’s so many possible domain names out there but you have the perfect one in mind. Then, you go to our domain checker, and it’s taken!

This can be annoying, but don’t worry and try these tips:


Add What You Do Before/After the Business’s Name

For example, before Tesla got, they settled for as their perfect name was registered by someone else and they eventually had to buy it from them. Likewise, if you’re a fitness instructor, simply try If you have a blog, add the subject before it, such as or (both of which are available!).

If you want to buy your perfect domain name from whoever holds it like Tesla did, we can help. When a domain you want is already registered, it can be purchased off the current holder by simply contacting our sales team.


Try a Different Domain Extension

With so many on offer, you can stand out from a simple .COM or .IE. As an alternative to the solution above, you could try or try .FIT. Can’t think of one? Try this list of domain extensions that are on sale.


Use Acronyms

If you have a two-worded (or longer) business name, give an acronym a go. This makes it shorter and easier to remember, especially if it’s paired with a short domain extension. There’s so many examples of this like H&M, HB Icecream, and M&S etc.


Add a Hyphen

Separating words in a domain name can be achieved with a hyphen, but if you’re telling someone the domain name through word-of-mouth or on the radio, don’t forget to say “hyphen”. It’s uncommon to see a hyphenated domain name, so chances are that you can get the domain you want.


Let Us Help You

When you use our domain checker and the domain name is taken, we’ll recommend many alternatives that are available. We’ve got you covered!


So now that you have generated different variations of your ideal domain name, try some here and get your business online.

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