When I attended the ICANN meeting in Lisbon back in 2007 I got introduced to several of the dotMobi team, but I also got to meet a few of the guys from dotTel. At the time I’d got my head around the concept of dotmobi, but I honestly couldn’t understand why dotTel was different.

While I now do understand the difference it’s obvious from the online chatter that a lot of people still don’t fully understand the key differences between the two namespaces.

I was going to write a simple explanation, but fortunately the dotMobi team have already done it for me.

Vance’s post from a couple of weeks ago goes into the main differences between mobi(le) and tel(ephone) that is the key differenciator between the two TLDs and is definitely worth reading.

UPDATE: As the .tel sunrise is opening tomorrow the level of press coverage they are attracting is increasing. A post over on the New York Times site is well worth reading if you’re still trying to come to grips with .tel domains:
.Tel Them Where to Find You

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