There’s an interesting free webinar coming up for those interested in internet governance. Blacknight is a member of the i2Coaltion (and our CEO was formerly a board member), and they have regular webinars on topics relevant to hosting, infrastructure, security, and privacy. As part of their ongoing best practices speaker series, i2Coalition will be hosting a discussion of whether or not open-source software is a national security concern.

The webinar is Tuesday, March 29th at 11:am US Eastern Time, 5pm GMT.

About the webinar:

In the wake of the Log4j vulnerability, the White House sent a letter to major software companies and developers in January to discuss ways to improve digital security in the cloud, pulling together participants for what they called an “Open Source Software Security Summit”. In the invitation, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan noted that it was a “national security concern” for foundational open-source software to be maintained by volunteers.

Companies who build the Internet’s infrastructure do so by leveraging the incredible and pervasive work done by open source communities. Though we are committed to increasing the security of the open-source projects that are the foundation of the modern economy, we do not see inherent concern in the structure of open-source software. Join us for a discussion on how the Internet’s infrastructure providers work together with open source projects to identify the challenges inherent in securing open-source software, and how we are fighting to make the Internet an increasingly better, safer place.

Register for the free webinar here. 

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