Valentine's Day Special Offer on dot SEXY domain names

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re celebrating with a great special offer on two somewhat seductive top-level domains: .SEXY and .LINK! From now until February 15, you can register a non-premium name in one of these domains for just €5.99 for the first year.

Valentine's Day Special Offer on dot LINK domain names

These days, the power of a great domain name is in its memorability. It’s more than an address – it’s your brand. If you spend money on marketing, you want to make a lasting impression. Sure, a Google for your brand name will get customers within a click of your site – and the sites of your competitors as well. But you don’t want people to search for you: you want them to remember you and find you.

We’ve talked about ‘sexy’ at Blacknight before. For us, ‘sexy’ means ‘whatever turns you on’ (and that’s nobody’s business but yours). And for hardworking SMEs, business people, creatives and dreamers, ‘sexy’ is about following your dream – and reaching out to the partners and customers who can make that happen.

For example, for us at Blacknight, servers, data centres, domains and cloud services are ‘sexy’ because our customers build on our platform to fulfill their own sexy dreams, and those of their customers in turn. What goes around comes around.

If you’ve got a sexy idea, a .SEXY name might be just what you need!

Or if your idea is about connecting people and ideas, travel and things, building on networks, leveraging connections, and being ‘more than the sum of its parts’; you should look at .LINK.

Both domains are on special offer for the first year, at just €5.99 ex VAT. The offer is open until February 15th. Happy Valentines!


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