Brexit or not, a .UK domain name is a very good way to show your commitment to your UK customers. So if you haven’t registered one before, now’s your chance with this great deal: two year’s .UK registration for just €5.99 ex VAT – the lot!

This applies to any of the options in the so-called .UK Family of domains, specifically: .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, .ME.UK as well as the recently de-regulated .UK top-level domain.

None of these four second-level and top-level domains have restrictions regarding residency: you don’t need a UK address.

.CO.UK is for commercial entities and purposes; .ORG.UK is used for not-for-profit entities; and .ME .UK is intended for use by individuals, i.e. natural persons.


Image of London. .CO.UK names are used for commercial purposes, and are open to all.

As for the top-level .UK itself? Well it’s up to you!

Remember, 4 out of 5 people in the UK have a preference for websites ending in .UK.

All our .UK domains normally go for €7.99*, so this is a great opportunity to build in a little certainty in uncertain times. For just €5.99*, your .UK family domain name is yours for two years, but don’t delay. This offer ends November 30th.

* Offer applies to new domains only. Domain names will renew at the normal price after the two-year promotional period. All prices exclude VAT.

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