We’ve been partnering with Google to offer our customers Google Adwords credit for the last couple of years.

They’ve recently changed the offer slightly so here’s a quick overview of what you can get now.

First off it’s much simpler.

We used to have different credit values based on which hosting plan you got.

Now if you have a qualifying hosting package you get the same deal as everyone else. (NB: the same offer is available to Getting Irish Business Online users)

So what is the deal?

Very simply put – if you spend €25 on Google Adwords advertising you’ll get an extra €75 credit added to your account.

So your €25 spend becomes €100!

Of course there’s a few terms and conditions with the offer but it’s not complicated.

Your Google Adwords account has to be new ie. less than 14 days old and you need to spend the €25 after entering the promotional code. There’s more info on our site  and you can read the legal stuff over on the Google site.

Where can you get your coupon?

We’ve made this really simple 🙂 If you’re on one of the qualifying hosting plans you can get the coupon directly from within your hosting control panel. Simply click on the “special offers” link in your control panel, then click on the “Google Adwords” button.

If you’re a Getting Irish Business Online user then you can get the coupon via the Knight Builder



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