If you have a burning idea to start your own independent publication, you will spend a lot of time coming up with the perfect name. While the .COM domain is the mainstay of many websites and publications, there are more extension options available today, especially if your chosen .COM is already taken. Thankfully, with the advent of newer TopLevel Domains, you should also be able to find the perfect domain name that matches your new publishing brand. Here’s our round-up for the best domain extensions to use for publications.   


If you’re publication plans to be an information resource, then it’s made for .WIKI, which is an internet codeword for encyclopedia knowledge. It’s perfect to use for knowledge stores, publications or news sites. A lot of publications now rely on user-generated content, and with a .WIKI you can make it clear that that is kind of website you are. 

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If any aspect of your publication will be covering current events, then .NEWS is the perfect domain for newshounds. It comes with the trust and recognition that readers will be looking for when they find your publication. It makes branding a cinch when all you have to do is tell people to find you at publication.news or give them your johndoe@publication.news email address. 

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Blogs are coming back. With declining reach on social media, people are now turning back to platforms that they are in complete control of. A blog is a simple way to begin publishing right away. The .BLOG extension, which is run by the folks behind Wordpress, is a wonderful place to park your nascent blog as it builds its audience in the new media landscape. 

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Trusted online reviews are gold on the internet. It’s getting harder and harder to find reviews you can trust or believe – since review algorithms can easily be gamed. With a .REVIEW domain, you cement yourself as a place where trusted reviews are published. It’s also suitable for publications with a more literary bent – Cork.REVIEW or Derry.REVIEW are the perfect places to explore Irish literary culture. 

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While the .INK domain is geared more towards the tattoo industry; it also works for publications who still have a printed word component. Ink is the fundamental building block of any publication, and you can ensure you’re publication’s reputation with .INK.   

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Whether you’re covering celebrity gossip or the latest Tesla/Elon Musk news, .BUZZ is the home for the leading edge of all industries. If your publication wants to have a reputation as a place where the latest news is happening, then .BUZZ will work for you.  

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Like reviews, getting a trusted guide is invaluable in the days of countless apps and travel websites – most of which are just trying to sell you something. With a .GUIDE domain you can show your readers that you’re a trusted source of unbiased information about a place or a destination. It’s easy to remember and with our hosting packages, easy to set up a .GUIDE. 

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Ever since Gutenberg invented the movable type printing press, the press has been a byword for writing, news, and commentary. With the .PRESS domain, your publication can establish itself in the good company of all the other legacy press outlets. It’s also an excellent domain for individual reporters looking to create an online portfolio of their work.   

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Current events are the mainstay of many news outlets and with a .TODAY domain, you immediately establish your publication as a source for up to the minute information. Whether it’s the latest weather, local political news, or new movie reviews, .TODAY is a great place to start your publication.   

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Being a publisher these days means spreading your wings across multiple platforms. It’s not enough to be just on your website. You need to be on social media. You need to be in print. You need a good email game. You need to have a video strategy. Using a .MEDIA domain is a perfect place to focus all your energies across their various platforms and show your readers that you’re a member of the trusted media.  

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When you’re ready to start your publication, build your media empire, and you’ve registered the perfect domain name, Blacknight is ready to serve you with hosting packages that can grow with you as your publication grows. Starting your own publication has never been more affordable than it is now. 

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