When you’re starting up a new tech-industry business, one of the most important decisions that you’ll make is which domain name to register for your new tech brand. The perfect domain name can make or break your tech brand and help the investment world take you more seriously.

Blacknight is here to help! We offer several top-level domains that are perfect for nascent tech startups (and even seasoned tech businesses looking to rebrand or change their domain).  Here are our recommendations for tech-themed TLD’s for your start-up business.


This country-code domain was originally developed for the British Indian Ocean Territory, and since no one actually lives there (other than the American military – it’s a long, sad story), the domain has become a hot domain for the tech industry. In computer parlance, IO stands for input/output and is a fundamental aspect of computer programming. It’s become popular with app developers, APIs, open-source projects, and many other types of tech startups.

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Artificial intelligence is the next frontier in computers, and what was meant to be the county-code domain for the tiny island of Anguilla has become super-popular with the AI tech world.  Companies now working in artificial intelligence are finding the perfect home online with the .AI domain name.

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Mobile apps are the latest frontier in tech, and with billions of smartphones around the world, having a mobile strategy is critical for any tech startup. The .APP registry is run by Google, and it requires an SSL Certificate to use. Whether you want to create an informational site for your app or simply direct users to your App Store listings, .APP is the perfect tool to get your app noticed.

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The core of any tech product is development by a skilled team of developers. .DEV says what you are right in the name. It can also be used for development tools and internal intranets to make sure you get your code just right before shipping. For example, it’s a great place to put a staging version of your apps or websites to test out with your team before you push it live. Like .APP above, any website using .DEV must use an SSL Certificate.

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.MOBI was the first mobile themed domain name, having been around since 2005. It’s recognized around the world for mobile information technology. Using a .MOBI domain name keeps your domain short and easy to remember for mobile users. They’re designed to be used with mobiles, so your website should have a mobile-first strategy (and really, at this point, all of us should have a mobile-first strategy). A .MOBI domain also categorises your website as mobile ready with search engines.

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.TECH has become one of the most popular gTLDs for the tech industry. Whether you’re developing the hottest new app or selling servers or domains, .TECH is the perfect home for anything gadget, technology, or engineering related.

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It’s been said a million times; the future is in the ‘cloud.’.CLOUD has become the go-to domain name for anyone working in the cloud (like if you need cloud hosting. Whether you’re a cloud host, developer, software platform, or SaaS service, then a .CLOUD domain is the perfect home for you.

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IT has become the most critical part of most businesses these days, and if you’re in the infrastructure space, then .NETWORK is for you. Whether you’re a broadband provider, wireless service, or building office networks, .NETWORK shows you know how to get the infrastructure up and running with 100% uptime.

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The digital world is where we all live now, especially in the age of Covid-19. Everything is online, and you can show your potential customers that your digital-ready and digital-first with a .DIGITAL domain name.

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If you’re building an app that you’re going to sell, then .SOFTWARE might be a great choice for you. The word software might apply to more fully-featured apps that spread across several platforms and computer types. Whereas .APP might work best for mobile applications, .SOFTWARE works for bigger works of coding that are suitable for enterprise or even consumer environments.

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Have a great example of the use of any of these domain names? Please let us know in the comments below!

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