I was having a conversation with someone in the domain industry a few weeks ago, and they mentioned that in the wake of Covid-19, the .LIVE domain has seen a huge increase in interest. This struck us as rather interesting. When you look at the raw stats at nTLDstats, it does show an increase in .LIVE domain registrations in recent months. I began to search for a reason why. So, here are a few reasons I think people are considering .LIVE right now.

.LIVE is a domain with two uses

The English word ‘live’ has two main uses and meanings. To be ‘live’ is to broadcast something live, as it happens. To live is to live your life/lifestyle. These two dual meanings make the domain incredibly useful for brands looking to have a good domain name that might not be available elsewhere. .LIVE is versatile. We’re all living a different life than we imagined just a few months ago, so this has led to a proliferation of new lifestyle websites, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs.

.LIVE is inexpensive

This is probably the biggest factor in the success of this domain right now – it’s not expensive. You can register a .LIVE domain with Blacknight for just €2.49 for the first year. Many brands are picking up their .LIVE because it’s affordable and because it’s always good brand protection to have it on hand so that no one else can use it (and crucially broadcast live with your name).

.LIVE is widely available

There are only around 700,000 .LIVE domains under registration – about 2% of all domain names. This means that it’s an under-utilised domain that has a lot of name-space opportunity. It also means that certain key phrases and brand combinations have not been snapped up by investors.

.LIVE is easy to remember and share

This domain is so simple and recognisable that it makes it easy to remember for customers and easy to share. It’s short – only four characters – and it’s such a common word across several languages, that it has global brand recognition if you decide to use it.

.LIVE is great for broadcasting and game streaming

By far the biggest use we see of .LIVE is in broadcasting online – specifically with game streaming. Game streaming is incredibly popular, especially right now, while everyone is sticking close to home. Thousands of new streamers have come online, and thousands more have already reached viral popularity on the various live streaming platforms. Many game streamers will register the domain, then just forward it to their Twitch streams to make it easy for viewers. That’s not to mention all the entertainment outlets now making use of .LIVE for their broadcasting efforts. If you do any kind of live streaming or camming, a .LIVE domain is the perfect place to park your streams or interact with your audiences.

You can register your own .LIVE domain quickly and easily with Blacknight.

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