During Namescon a few weeks ago, there was a lot of buzz about domain names that were seeing increased popularity due to COVID-19. All of them have become popular for different reasons, but all of them are seeing increased sales right now. Domain registrations across the board are up this year because of the pandemic, but there are a few specific domains that are proving extra popular in the current climate.

As countries like Ireland go into COVID-19 lockdown again, many businesses will be coming online for the first time – there are many, many wonderful options to choose from. And as economies re-adjust due to job losses and industry changes, many people will be taking the leap to start up new businesses. The right domain is key to success in any industry!

Here’s a round-up of all the hot domain extensions right now that people are registering because of COVID-19.

Register .AI Domains for Artificial Intelligence

The country-code domain for the tiny Caribbean country of Antigua has become the hottest go-to domain for the emerging artificial intelligence industry. AI stands for artificial intelligence, and it’s become a popular industry for start-ups all over the world. And since it has a smaller registered base, there are still plenty of name options available.

Register .IO domains for DevOps

The country-code domain for the British Indian Ocean Territory is a country without a people, but it still has a dedicated domain name. The .IO domain has become very popular with internet start-ups and with developers since ‘IO’ stands for input/output – one of the most basic principles of computer programming.

Register .ONLINE For Virtual Events

The .ONLINE domain extension was always an odd one as it described something so basic to the internet economy – being online. It’s also a bit on the long side for a memorable TLD (top-level domain). But with thousands of conferences having to go virtual this year, .ONLINE has become the default standard for these events. Its wide availability means that a conference or event can just register the name for the event, and then direct all traffic to it. Quick and easy. Even the recent Namescon event used .ONLINE.

Register .SITE to Get Online

Many retailers and other small businesses that have never been online are registering .SITE. It has wide name availability so many common words and phrase combinations might still be available. It’s also proving popular with remote teams who have to move their office operations into the cloud – you can create a central online location for all office activities.

Register .LIVE for Virtual Events and Livestreams

This domain was already very popular with live-streamers (the folks than broadcast themselves playing games online). But now that in-person events are virtual for the foreseeable future, it’s had massive growth just like .ONLINE has had. Lots of names are still available, and it’s easy to remember – consumers know what it does. It means something is live. It’s also a very affordable domain – Blacknight currently charges just €2.49 ex VAT for 1 year!

Register .SHOP to Get Your Shop Online

With many retail premises being closed during the pandemic, it’s never been more important for shops to be online. If you’re still selling online and shipping orders, you’re still in business even if your shop is closed (and you can keep your employees busy as they’ll be classed as essential). It’s easy for your customers to remember and will look great on a sign on your door telling your customers to find you online.

Also Register .STORE to Get Your Shop Online

The difference between ‘Store’ and ‘Shop’ is conceptual, so either will work for an SME looking to get their store online. If both are available with your business’s name, then we recommend getting both so that you have complete brand control. If you had to pick between the two for which one to use, then use the shorter version, but redirect the .STORE domain to your .SHOP website.

Register the old Internet Standby .COM

The .COM domain extension is the most popular in the world and continues to be. So, it’s always worth checking to see if the domain is available for your business or desired name. If it’s not, then definitely go for one of the others on this list.

Register .EU to Focus on Europe

If your primary consumer market is based in Europe, then reach one of the largest economic blocks in the world by getting a .EU domain – the official country domain name for all of Europe. .EU domains have never been more popular as European businesses come online for the first time. If the .COM or .IE domain isn’t available – then reserve the .EU instead. It has wide recognition and trust within the European market.

And Don’t Forget Your .IE

And finally, we would remiss by not mentioning Ireland’s country domain name .IE. It’s become more popular than .COM in Ireland, so it’s always worth checking for that first, then going for other options. Having a .IE domain tells your customers that your local and ready to do business with a culture and economy we’re all familiar with. Irish consumers are comfortable with us, and now businesses are comfortable with it too. Always get your .IE sorted first!

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