One of the hottest new start-ups right now is Clubhouse. While it’s still only in beta testing and access is restricted, it’s being hailed as “The Next Big Thing”. What is it? It’s an app that allows you to broadcast audio messages to a group of followers who can talk back to you. It’s kind of like a radio you can talk to. There are thousands of groups and chats where people are having real-time conversations (and everything is live, the app does not store anything). The reason I’m writing about is that the advent of Clubhouse has led to an explosion in .CLUB domain registrations.

It’s the perfect synergy of an app with a newTLD that seems like it was almost designed to work with it. Many are registering the.CLUB name of their private clubhouse channel and then redirecting the URL to the channel in the app. This is especially useful as there are many premium domain names left in the .CLUB namespace, and it’s a comparatively affordable domain name. It’s also inspiring a lot of people to start small member groups with .CLUB that they’ve always wanted to start.

So, if you’re planning on building a following on Clubhouse or looking to invest in .CLUB related domains you think will be big when the app opens fully to the public, .CLUB is where the action is at right now.

Here are a few other reasons to register a .CLUB domain with Blacknight.

Create an Exclusive Place For Fans

The future of online content is now creating dedicated groups of fans to communicate and market too. Using a separate .CLUB domain from your regular website, allows you to easily create an exclusive zone for your biggest fans to congregate.

It’s Easy to Remember

The .CLUB domain is short and sweet – combined with your brand, it will be easy for your customers and fans to remember when they hear it or see it on advertising. They’ll also see the results in Google when they search for your club!

It’s Versatile

You can use a .CLUB website to set up a dedicated website, publication, or social network. Or simply forward it to another platform where your fans gather (like Clubhouse, Facebook, TikTok, etc.).

It’s Hot

With the pending public launch of the new app that everyone is talking about called Clubhouse, the .CLUB domain is hot to the touch right now. Reserve the premium domains, your keywords, and your brand before someone else can. They’ll only go up in value as Clubhouse hits the mainstream (if the hype pans out, of course).

Lots of Affordable Premiums Available

The .CLUB domain space has many premium reserved names, but many are also very affordable. And when you buy a premium .CLUB domain, you renew at the standard price, so you only have to pay the premium price once. With Blacknight, you can search for premium .CLUB domains, find out the price, and then contact us directly to register it (you can register non-premium .CLUB domains on your own).

It’s not ridiculously expensive.

Outside of the premium .CLUB namespace, the .CLUB domain only costs €9.99 ex vat per year for the registration. That puts it in the same price category as many popular domains (and you should always secure the ‘big’ domains with your branding).

So, ready to get on the .CLUB bandwagon? Start your search below in our handy search box or go on over to the .CLUB page to start your search for the perfect Clubhouse Domain Name.

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