Last week I had a chat with Andrew Allemann of Domain Name Wire for his podcast. Domain Name Wire is one of the most popular blogs covering domain names out there, so it was an honour to be invited on as Andrew’s guest

During the interview we discussed three main topics:

  • Whois – is it broken? Why? As I’ve covered many times in the past, there are fundamental issues with how the whois system “works”. I’d argue that a lot of the time it doesn’t work at all and is probably best described as “no longer fit for purpose”.
  • New TLDs. Do we consider them to be a success or a failure? What do we see as the challenges? Are there any dangers with new TLDs?
  • the IANA transition. What is it? What is it really about? Is the US giving away the internet?

We also chatted a little about Blacknight and what we do.

The interview runs to about 30 minutes or thereabouts and you can listen to it directly on Andrew’s site or via iTunes.


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