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Cipher keys and padlock with keys symbolizing encryption

ICANN Changing the DNS Root Crypto Keys Today

At 1600 UTC today (1700 Dublin time) ICANN will be doing a “key rollover” of the DNS root. What that means in plain English (and I’m really really simplifying this)  is that the underlying DNS root infrastructure that runs all domains around the world is getting an “oil change”. It won’t impact most internet users. […]

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Dot Org To Implement DNS SEC

One of the things to come out of the recent ICANN meeting in Paris may have slipped “under the radar” due to the media attention for new TLDs. Pir, the organisation that manages the dotOrg registry (.org) was granted permission to implement DNSSEC. DNSSEC, in simple terms, adds a level of security to DNS and […]

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