One of the great features of WordPress is the ease at which you can add Pages and Posts to a site.  With a simple click you can create, edit and publish content.  So for a once off website creation you can be up and running in literally a few hours if you know what structures and layout you want.

However if you are new to creating websites and unsure of typical pages or even a regular creator of websites using WordPress you may want to be able to upload a set of predefined pages and save a little time.

These can be pages like “Privacy Policies”, “Sitemaps” and “Contact”. I am sure that a “Products” page is pretty common also and an “About” page is also useful.

WordPress can help you with this nicely in its ability to import a data file containing these pages from a sample XML file.  There are many sites out there that have sample files with pages, posts and images that can populate your site quickly with content.  Most of these are targeted at WordPress theme creators to flesh out a site to make it look well populated and show off specific shortcodes , images and text formatting.

Any time I have used these I spend as long again deleting content that I didn’t want and it defeated the purpose.

So I decided to create my own sample file with a set of Pages that any site would benefit from. To start you need to get the sample file go to this location where I have created a sample WordPress XML file to upload to your new site.  Download the Sample WordPress file [zip format] and unzip it.

Then follow these really simple steps.

  • Log on to your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Tools -> Import
  • Select the Zip File Mentioned above
  • Select Submit when uploaded
  • Done

You now have several new pages with some sample content.


There are also several useful plugins for creating multiple blank pages and posts if you want to try a different way of creating pages and posts quickly.  Check these examples plugins on

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