When: Wednesday 17th of October @ 22:30 hours
Firewall Upgrade. We’re moving our colocation and dedicated server
customers out from behind the current HA pair of firewalls. We’ve
indicated recently on our blog that we bought 4 new Cisco ASA firewalls
and the time has arrived to install them.
Who will be affected:
Both of our firewalled networks will be affected by this. Firstly
our shared hosting firewall will be moved to a new IP address on the
WAN side to facilitate VPN configurations for our colocation and dedicated customers.
Secondly the new ASAs will be put in place and they will replace the current
firewalls and access routers for these customers.
We estimate around 30 minutes to an hour to move the shared hosting firewall
and around another 30 minutes to an hour to facilitate the new firewall
install. This includes all the cabling work etc that will need to be done.
We will also allow a further hour for testing of both networks, so we’re looking
at a maximum of 3 hours for this work to be completed.
All colocation, dedicated and shared hosting customers will be affected by this outage.

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