In late 2020, Donuts Inc notched up another domain into its continually growing gTLD portfolio. They snagged .REALTY from Fegistry. Since its launch back in 2017, the domain has been a premium level domain, and it looks like Donuts is set to continue that for now.

The .REALTY domain is geared solely to the property/housing/real estate industries. It’s a very specific niche gTLD that will only really appeal to a limited audience, so I suspect that’s the logic behind the continued high pricing. ‘Realty’ isn’t really a word that is used much in Ireland and Europe – it’s more of an American and Canadian phrase for the real estate industry.

Blacknight now offers the .REALTY domain for €300.00 per year ex VAT.

Here are 5 reasons to consider registering .REALTY with Blacknight today!

  • Professional – The .REALTY domain immediately identifies you as someone who works in property-related industries. It will look great on a business card or email signature.
  • Exclusive – The high price point keeps registration levels for this domain rather low – not many people have it. Having one will give you instant recognition with those in the property industry that you work with.
  • Versatile – Use of the .REALTY domain isn’t just limited to real estate agents – it’s relevant for most people and businesses in the real estate industry – from architects, property managers, owners, mortgage companies, land brokers, and much more! All can use the .REALTY domain.
  • It’s Open – Unlike the competing gTLD .REALTOR which is very restrictive, .REALTY is an open domain with no restrictions, so anyone can register one without having to be a member of a trade organisation or real estate association.
  • It’s Unique – This gTLD will turn heads! Put it on your property advertisements, signs, and marketing materials, and you’re sure to be easily remembered by leads and industry professionals.

Ready to register a .REALTY domain? Then head on over to the Blacknight .REALTY domain page or use the handy search box below to find the perfect domain.

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