The domain registry Radix has released their semi-annual report, and our main conclusion from it is that the premium domain market continues to be strong in the gTLD realm. 

While the market has been flooded with hundreds of different options for domain names, specific keywords and addresses continue to prove incredibly valuable.  

According to Radix’s report (which compiles data from 1 July 2019 to 31 December 2019), premium domain sales brought them $1.67 Million in revenue and showed 22% growth over the same report from the first half of 2019. They had a total of $3M in Premium Revenue in 2019, which is their best year yet. 

Radix Report Numbers

Source: Radix

Which domains were the highest grossing? The best ones seem to be .online, .tech, and .store. This gels with our own numbers as these are some of the most popular gTLD’s that Blacknight offers along with .space, .site, .website, .press, .fun, and .host – proving yet again that we web hosts and registries like to eat our own gravy. 

The highest selling domain in their portfolio was which sold on the SEDO platform for $30,000. The second highest one was, which sold for over $21,000.  

The most interesting nugget of information from the report is that, despite the high cost of these premium domains, 82% are renewed from year to year. This goes to show that if a name is valuable, it will hold its value enough to hold on to. Not all domains are treated equally though. But if you can find the right keyword with the right gTLD, you can build something great. 

You can read the whole report for yourself here.

Radix Report Registrars

Source: Radix

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