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Like everything, various factors can contribute to a price change in domain extensions, for example currency rates or wholesale costs.

A lot of the domain registries we work with bill us in US dollars, while some bill us in Sterling. Currency fluctuations mean that we have to keep an eye on the value of the dollar and Sterling closely.  Sometimes that means we have to make adjustments, but as a general rule we try to maintain pricing stability. It’s easier for us and it’s easier for you.

Domain name registry operators change their pricing from time to time. Often the price change is negligible, so rather than cause confusion we are happy to swallow the price increase. Sometimes however, we are left with little or no options but to increase our retail price. The table below demonstrates upcoming price increases that are due to come into effect later this year.

Domain ExtensionCurrent Retail PriceWholesale % IncreaseNew Retail Price

If you have domains registered in any of the domain extensions mentioned above the pricing will increase on September 8th 2017.

If you want to renew your domain(s) in advance of the price increase you can do so and take advantage of the current pricing.

So, for example, if you had a .hosting domain registered for one year you could add an extra 9 years to the registration for €224.91, whereas doing it after the price rise would cost you €3141.

If you have any questions please let us know.


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