PHP is the scripting language used to power many of the websites and services that you interact with each and every day, including this one. Many of the most popular content management systems including WordPress and Joomla rely on PHP under the hood.

We’ve enabled PHP 7.3 on our Linux hosting plans.

If you’ve already got a site setup don’t worry, we aren’t turning it on automatically. You’ll have to turn it on for the webspace via your control panel.

NB: if you have multiple websites setup in a single webspace then they will all be affected by the version change if you toggle it on

PHP 7.3 will be the default version of PHP for all new webspaces that you create in your control panel.

We’ll still make available older versions of PHP including both 5.* and 7.* as we know all too well that some code won’t work too well with 7.3.

You can read more about the new features available in PHP 7.3 here.

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