Since we’ve had several queries about registering “personal” IE domains I felt it might be prudent to clarify matters.
First off – you currently CANNOT register a personal IE domain such as
There has been a lot of discussion in the media surrounding personal IE domains (I may have contributed in no little part to this …), but the important point keeps being missed.
Until the IEDR board makes its decision on the change it will not happen.
We are hoping that it will happen and happen soon, but the change has not been implemented yet.
With regards to what will be allowed:
You will be able to register your full name OR an accepted version of it.
So if your name was Michele Neylon (might as well use myself!) I could register or, as both forms of my name are documented.
I wouldn’t be able to register: or or any other derivatives, as none of them are valid and documented ie. I can’t prove that they exist officially.
NB:It maybe possible to register all of the above names using other criteria, but I am addressing the specific personal name category.