We’re excited to announce here at Blacknight that we’ve just had two new gTLD’s come online and can now offer them for sale. One is perfect for the travel industry as it seeks to recover from Covid-19; another is perfect for the millennial social media set – .PLACE and .CYOU.

.PLACE is ready to register!

The .PLACE gTLD has been around for a while now, but it was heavily restricted by the registry. It had a lot of requirements that made it unappealing to a lot of people – plus a higher cost. This limited uptake of the domain – not many registered it because it wasn’t worth the trouble. Donuts, the registry who owns it, has decided to change strategy – they’ve removed all the restrictions on .PLACE and have reduced the overall price. Anyone can now register a .PLACE domain, and it’s a lot more affordable now. .PLACE domains are now €12.99 a year through Blacknight.

According to nTLDStats, there are only around 3,500 .PLACE domains in total that have been registered. This is a great opportunity for you as it means that many key phrases and new brands have not already been registered. If you’re running an operation based in a special place, you can likely snag the domain for it. And as always, it’s a good idea to register the domain even if you don’t intend to use it for brand protection purposes.

Click here to register your .PLACE domain.

.CYOU is ready to register!

The new gTLD .CYOU is now here! This new domain from Shortdot is being marketed towards the generation of people who are digital natives and have grown up always being connected. It has a lot of fun uses – especially in the realm of communications. It’s also a great spot to park a one-page about page or CV.

You don’t have to just use it for a website, it also makes a great domain for a short and memorable email address. You can set up name@cyou.com if you want to make it easy for your friends and contacts to know where they can contact you. And of course, Blacknight can help with that with our 1-year email-only plan that only costs €9.99.

For a limited time, .CYOU domains are on special offer for €1.79 for the 1st year of registration. The .ICU domain, which also run by Shortdot, is also €1.79 for the 1st year of registration. This special offer is active until December 31st.

Click here to register your .CYOU domain.

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