You wait forever for one domain to come along, and instead, four show up all at once. After a long gestation period – and a stop off at a major brand that decided they didn’t want to use them – a slew of beauty-related domains is now available to register with Blacknight. Today we’re happy to offer .BEAUTY, .HAIR, .MAKEUP, and .SKIN.

It’s an exciting time for the beauty industry. More beauty brands are expanding and establishing product lines to meet the needs of modern customers, including ever more inclusive, environment & animal-friendly options. As a focus on wellness and self-care grows, the skincare market has exploded with more brands and product types than ever before. Empowered independent beauty professionals and influencers are sharing their tips and skills online to mass audiences, rapidly inspiring and informing consumers everywhere.

So how can you make your beauty brand stand out from the crowd? It all starts with a .BEAUTY, .HAIR, .SKIN, or .MAKEUP domain name.

As the first domains made for the beauty industry, these are perfect for anyone who wants a head-turning brand presence online. Beauty brands, professionals, and fans can take advantage of the hot new domains to make their domain names shine by showing they have the solution for all of their audience’s cosmetics, hair care, and skincare needs.

Here are three reasons to register these domains now!

1.Establish yourself as a beauty industry boss

Beauty professionals and influencers know that getting noticed is all about having the right look. These domains clearly communicate that you have what it takes to help your audience achieve their beauty goals.

Potential customers will notice your unique domain name and instantly recognise your dedication to helping them get the hair, skin, or makeup look they’re after. Right now is your chance to claim your beauty speciality or niche domain before it’s taken.

You can even mark yourself as the go-to beauty professional in your area by registering a name that covers your region. A short, location-specific domain name like www.YourCity.Hair or www.YourTown.Skin helps establish you in your home market. Local customers can find you online, then book appointments right on your website.

2. Make it easier to find you online

Having the right domain name for your website is a critical piece of building online brand recognition. If your website name is easy to recall or exactly matches your brand name, then your customers are more likely to find you online.

New namespaces .BEAUTY, .HAIR, .SKIN, and .MAKEUP have millions of great domain names that are available to register. They give you a fresh opportunity to start using your brand’s exact match domain name for your website on a URL that just makes sense.

You can see the branding power of these unique domains by testing it yourself. Just think — which URL would be easier to remember if you saw it in an advertisement?

www.Rose.Makeup or

Get www.YourBrand.Beauty for a domain name that attracts attention. It’s perfect for printing on product packaging, sharing on ads or billboards, and beautifying your link in bio on social media. Secure your brand’s domains in these spaces before your competition does.

3.Upgrade your domain and attract more organic search traffic

If you already have a registered domain, it’s not too late to upgrade to a .BEAUTY, .HAIR, .SKIN, and .MAKEUP domain. The best domain names are short and simple. Using your brand name or a popular keyword in your domain name is an excellent strategy for standing out online. Google has stated that new generic domains like these are treated the same as all other generic domains (like .com and .org) in search engine results. Put it all together, and the opportunity to amplify your brand’s online reach with these new domains is clear.

Choosing a .BEAUTY, .HAIR, .SKIN, or .MAKEUP domain pinpoints your brand’s industry to customers, which can build trust in your products. Upgrading to a short domain name that includes an industry keyword can also help you rank higher in search engines for that term.

Blacknight is offering all four of these domains for the same price – €10.99 for 1-year ex-VAT. What an affordable way to secure your beauty-related domains and establish a new or existing brand with a new gTLD.

Begin your search in the box below or head on over to the domain landing pages and start your search there!

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