One of the most fun aspects of setting up a new business (or rebranding a current business) is picking the name – and then concurrently picking the best domain name for it. Since the advent of all the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) in recent years, there are now almost unlimited possibilities in finding the perfect domain name for your new small business. We’ve gone through our registration portfolio and picked out 10 of the most popular domains we have on offer – that you might want to consider when you’re starting up.

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Register .club domains

.club recently celebrated its fourth anniversary and it has quickly become one of the most popular gTLDs on the market. It is suitable for so many uses – whether you’re starting a membership organisation, a football team, a bar or pub, or any type of business that wants to appear exclusive. .club is now the perfect place to locate your business.

Register .irish domains

While .ie domains have never been more popular (recently they had the most registered domains in one month in history), .irish exists as a useful alternative if you can’t find the suitable .ie domain that you need. It can also be a cheaper alternative if there’s an offer on, and there are no restrictions on who can register and you do not need to be in Ireland or connected to it to register one.

Register .biz domains

.biz stands for business all over the world. This is one of our most popular domains with small businesses, and it’s consistently used in many different countries. If you can’t find the .com for your new business venture, then you can probably find the .biz.

Register .reviews domains

Online reviews can make or break a new business. Your customers expect to be able to leave them, and it’s important from a brand protection perspective to secure the .reviews of your business name, so no one else can leave bad reviews about you using your own name.

Register .limited domains

Limited companies are one of the most common business registrations on the planet, and with a .limited, you can create an ‘official’ home online for all your corporate needs.

Register .shop domains

If you’re selling online, you’ve got to reserve your .shop domain. It’s such an elemental thing, and it says exactly what you are. It’s perfect if you’re considering setting up a store with our new shopBuilder product that lets you quickly and easily build an online store.

Register .property domains

If you’re selling or marketing property of any kind, then a .property domain is the perfect place to park it. You can share pictures, show sales data, and put your contact info down. When people are driving down the street and see your house is for sale – make it easy for them to remember the address with .property.

Register .scot domains

Like .irish, .scot has become a very popular domain for those seeking to have their website associated with the country of Scotland. Whether you’re a Scot or in the worldwide Scottish diaspora, you can connect with this rich and varied market by reserving your own .scot domain.

Register .ag domains

This one is not a gTLD – in fact, it’s the country domain for the Caribbean country of Antigua and Barbuda. The domain is way more popular in the German language market, however. The letters AG are the label given to corporations that have shareholders. If you’re inside Germany specifically, you must actually be a registered AG corporation to register and use one.

Register .info domains

One of the first gTLD’s also happens to be one of the most popular. Info is the byword for information in the English-speaking world. If you’re any kind of information resource or need to set up a knowledge base for your customers, then .info will probably work for you. They also happen to be more affordable than other domain options.

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