Fist Painted In Colors Of Basque FlagUnless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months you’ll know that we and other companies are now selling a LOT more domain name extensions (the bit on the right of the dot).

While I’m obviously a little fanatical about domain names I’m always conscious that most other people aren’t. ..

But one thing that might grab people’s attention is how some of the new top level domains are being used by certain language and cultural communities.

We’ve mentioned the .cat domain extension several times in the past. It’s the “poster boy” in many respects for a successful “cultural / linguistic” top level domain. Conn and I spoke to Nacho from .cat about this some time ago.

Over the next few weeks and months more and more of these “niche” top level domains will become available for cultural, ethnic and linguistic groups around the world.

We’ll be offering several of them:

These are quite “niche” domain name extensions in many respects, but they will serve a very different purpose to the more “run of the mill” domain extensions. The launch of these new domain names will give a voice to language and cultural communities that currently do not have their own dedicated slice of cyberspace!

We’re delighted to be offering these domains and look forward to seeing what people do with the new domains.

For now we’ll leave you with this promo video from .eus in Euskara (Basque language):


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