Until the 6th of September, all first year .ME registrations are only €1.99!

.ME gives you your own space online, and for less than the cost of a cup of tea, you can build your online presence and show off your talent. Get the attention of employers worldwide by building your online portfolio or CV. If you just want to let the world know what you’re thinking, use this creative outlet to do so. We’ve got a great sale for a limited time which means sharing your work with the world is even easier. Note that this special discount price doesn’t apply to renewals, transfers, or any registrations after one year.

If you were planning on getting a simple .COM domain name but it was taken, give this one a shot. It’s short, easier to remember, and can help SEO rankings on search results. Just imagine owning your own personal domain name that looks like yourname.me. Whenever anyone searches your name on Google or other search engines, they can associate the .ME result with a personal website, compared to a .COM or .IE website, which could be about anything. Fun fact, it’s also the official domain for the state of Montenegro, but because of the universal understanding of it as a personal domain, it can be used anywhere

A customised email address would look great with this domain. You could get contact@yourname.me which is not only professional-looking (especially on business cards) but is super easy for others to remember. We chose .ME for our Domain of the Week a few weeks ago as it has so many uses for a wide variety of both businesses and individuals. We even listed some example domain names that weren’t taken so you can grab one without needing to think of your own.

Type your ideal domain name in the search bar below to see if it’s yours for the taking. If it’s not available, go to our domains section and type in an idea of what you want to register. We’ll suggest a few variations that are available for your convenience.

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