computer maintenance
As a registrar and hosting provider we normally don’t talk much about PCs.

Why would we?

Unfortunately there are times when it is necessary.

The desktop computer has almost become as ubiquitous as the internal combustion engine in many respects. Nobody would try to run an office without a computer these days.

But unfortunately we, as a society, don’t take as much care of our PCs as we do of our cars.

You’d remember to take your car for its service, but you could easily forget to do the same with your PC. And therein lies the problem.

At the moment, for example, our technical team are trying to mitigate the impact of a PC virus that is infecting people’s PCs and (ab)using their FTP logins to upload malicious content to their websites.

How is this happening?

In simple terms their PCs aren’t as secure as they thought. Maybe their antivirus software is out of date or maybe they haven’t updated it in while.

If you didn’t change your car’s oil regularly you’d run into issues, so do yourself a favour. Check your PC. Please.

If you are using any recent version of Windows you should be able to get it to update almost automatically for you.

Renew your antivirus subscription if you haven’t done so already.

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