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Next Saturday is a date that should be marked in every Irish web professional’s calendar, as it marks the first “event” organised by the members of Irish Webmaster Forum. (You don’t have to be a member to participate!)
Harbour Master, Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin 1
Saturday February the 9th. 7.30 PM til …… I guess that’s up to you!
The original thread that started it all off is here, but it’s been mentioned on marketing.com/blog/dublin-seo-ppc-sem-design-meetup/”>quite a few people’s blogs and sites over the last few days.
Although I won’t be able to attend due to prior engagements (translation – I have to go and see my mother before she disowns me and had arranged it beforehand) I’m hoping that some of our other staff may be able to make it, but even if they don’t we’ll be there in “spirit”, as we’re sponsoring the event.
I’ll expect a full report with photos from the attendees!

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