DontPanicHosting requires a lot of electricity. So when there’s any potential threat to the power supply it can have an impact on our day to day operations.

ESB, the Electricity Supply Board, has been threatening strike action for the last couple of weeks

However if you are hosting with us you won’t be impacted.

Why not?

We currently use two data centres in Dublin both of which have UPS and generator backup. In fact both facilities regularly “pull the plug” to test that their backup systems are fully functional.

Impact to you? Zero.

Here’s the more formal breakdown of what will happen should there be a power outage:

Blacknight would like to inform you that as of Friday 29th November, the ESB Group of Unions served formal notice of industrial (Strike) action on the company. Both ESB management and unions continue to engage in further talks and hope to come to an agreement and avoid any strike action. If strike action does occur the provisioned start date is 16th December.

Blacknight would like to inform customers of the measures that will be taken in the event of strike action.

  • In the event of a power outage, the data centres will operate as normal. UPS and generator back up will support the electrical load of the data centres in both locations.
  • Generator fuel reserves will be at full capacity with refuelling vendors on standby to maintain this capacity.
  • Both data centres maintain onsite staff and Blacknight will be informed if there is interruption to utility mains power supply. We will post this information to our status blog.

Please note that there will be no disruption to customer services and operations during this period.


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